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Published Work

Demeter Diaries

Demeter Diaries cover

Our book, The Demeter Diaries is an official nominee for The Bram Stoker Award in Poetry. Blessings to my co-author, Marge Simon, and our publisher Alessandro Manzetti!

Single Bound

Single Bound Cover

This follow-up to Krypton Nights explores Wonder Woman as archetype of the Divine Feminine.  The book is finished and looking for a publisher. 

The Assumption

The Assumption Cover

What are our assumptions?  What takes us up?  The Assumption is  a collection of crowns that, through different voices, explores  the topic of whether or not we're alone in the universe.  On the  surface, that means little green men.  On other levels, well...  I've  heard the world is hollow...and I have touched the sky.

Prime Directive

Cover of Prime Directive. A young man with a TV as a space helmet

A book about being a son, having a son, being ten, having a son who's ten, watching Star Trek then and now, and seeing my father, the man who introduced me to  everything important, slowly beaming out of this life.  At 84 pages,  it's the longest single poem I've written; it's also in haiku stanzas (a  renga chain). 

The Monstrance

The Monstrance Cover

A love story between a monster and a gypsy.  

To paraphrase Nabokov, "Lipstick, lightning."

Universal Monsters

Universal Monsters Cover

Love Craft


H. P. Lovecraft, the dark god of the Gothic, taught us about the beasts  under our beds, about the worlds behind our wallpaper, about the secret  stains in all our haunted homes.  

Drawn to Marvel


Edited by Bryan D. Dietrich and Marta Ferguson, “Drawn to Marvel” is an  anthology covering five decades of poetry about comic books and includes  work from over 100 writers of diverse backgrounds.

Starting to Nod

Starting to Nod Cover

Krypton Nights

Krypton Nights cover

About Bryan

Bryan D. Dietrich is the author of a book-length study on comics, Wonder Woman Unbound, and six books of poems:  Krypton Nights, Universal Monsters, Prime Directive, Love Craft,  The Assumption, and The Monstrance.  

He is also co-editor of Drawn to Marvel, the world’s first anthology of superhero poetry.

He has published poems in The New Yorker, The Nation, Poetry, Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, The Paris Review, The Harvard Review, Yale Review, Shenandoah, Open City, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Witness, Weird Tales, and many other journals.  Having won The Paris Review Poetry Prize, a “Discovery”/The Nation Award, a Writers at Work Fellowship, the Isotope Editors’ Prize, an Asimov's Reader's Choice Award, a Rhysling Award, and the Eve of St. Agnes  Prize, Bryan is a five-time finalist for the Yale Younger Poets Series  and has been nominated multiple times for both the Pushcart and the  Pulitzer. 

He lives in Wichita, Kansas with his wife Gina and their son, Nick.   Professor of English at Newman University, Bryan grew up watching  classic horror movies and dreaming of becoming a comic book artist.  

He  remains conflicted about choosing a tenure-track job over a chance to be  an extra in Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks, but is comforted by several facts:  the first person to be abducted in Aliens is named Dietrich, the composer for the original Mummy was named Dietrich, and the Kecksburg UFO incident occurred in December  of 1965, just before Bryan was born.  Further inferences are welcome.